I have always been curious about movement, never the best dancer in the room but love moving nonetheless. I started with gymnastics much to my mothers displeasure. If you have African heritage you know you’re destined to be a lawyer - not a dancer. So behind my mothers, back I continued with gymnastics and athletics till I got injured. I didn’t go back to any of that kind of movement for a while, I was basically banned till my sister introduced me to yoga. I went to a class for about 2 years in a cold church hall and never understood why I kept going because I was bored half of the time. The teacher never explained anything much, people were passing wind, it was interesting to say the least but the one thing that kept me going was that I felt a greater sense of peace and clarity after and those were the greatest nights of sleep I could ever wish for.

I picked up Bikram because this lady was wonderful but too mysterious for my liking. I needed answers that she didn’t give me and also because it was cold in London and I thought this movement could be interesting with the heat and my attention may be better due to the sweat. I was right. And I discovered many fascinating things abut myself in those classes. I had two favourite teachers Paul Spencer Dobson and a lady called Naomi. Both amazing. He was like a strict school teacher and she was like your best friend at school. I’ll never forget the day she read something very moving in the class one evening and somehow it touched me very deeply in a way I hadn’t experienced before. I thought that feeling she gave me, I would love to give someone else someday. It was magical.

I discovered vinyasa on a trip to Long Island NY. I signed in for what I thought was Bikram only to discover it was actually vinyasa. I go to the front of the class because if you’ve ever been to Long Island you’ll be aware that you’re paying for most expensive yoga classes in the world. The class starts a bit strange but I persevere. Before I know it these women were floating up into handstands, arm balances. I realise I’m completely out of my depth here but thought whatever this style is I want to know more. I discovered I had actually missed my beloved Bikram and signed in for this Vinyasa instead. It was enough for me to come back to London, cancel my membership and start this new practice.

That woman has no idea she changed the course of my life but that was over 10 years plus ago. Since then, I met my teachers Jamie and Dulce who I studied Astanga Vinyasa with and went on to study many other styles with amazing teachers. My style today reflects this eclectic mix of movement practices and styles, I credit inspirational teachers Richard Freeman, Tara Judelle, Narelle Carter -Quinlan, Doug Keller, Donna Farhi, Alaric Newcombe and Kristen Cambpell for the work I share with my students today.

I specialise in movement for Scoliosis and ailments - dodgy knees, hips, back pain, I'm you're girl!